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State of Oregon v Brandon Farley

In August 2019, videographer Brandon Farley was attempting to gain access to an event hosted by local resource group Outside In at a nearby church. Due to prior interactions with Outside In, his ticket had been revoked and he was denied entry to the event. Based on trial testimony, he spent a large portion of the events duration attempting to bypass event security to trespass to the event, including an altercation with event security that was prosecuted as harassment.

During the pre-trial period, Mr. Farley went through several public defenders, including one that court records indicate severed himself from the case for a 'breakdown in attorney client relationship' after allegations of Mr. Farley making defamatory statements.

In August of 2021, Mr. Farley represented himself in a bench trial, where he was convicted of a criminal trespass but acquitted of the harassment charge. His sentence included bench probation with a requirement to seek mental health intake and possible treatment, a judgement that he subsequently expressed to us that he would refuse to comply with.

This case was tracked along with case 20CR08661, but at the conclusion of trial the DA dropped the charges from that case.


Count Charge Statute Severity Date Filed Pleading
1 Harassment 166.065(3) Misdemeanor B 8/8/2019 AQUITTED
2 Criminal Trespass in the Second Degree 164.245 Misdemeanor C 8/8/2019 CONVICTED


Date Event FTR Audio[1] MP3 YouTube
1/27/2021 Hearing - Attorney Withdrawal ZIP (15.2MB) MP3 (3.45MB) 10 min

Court Records

Q3 2019

Date Filing Information/Documents
8/8/2019 Motion Recognizance Release[2]
8/9/2019 Hearing
8/9/2019 Agreement Recognizance Release[2]
8/9/2019 Order Appear
8/9/2019 Information [PDF]
8/23/2019 Affidavit Eligibility - ACP[3]
8/23/2019 Arraignment
8/23/2019 Order Appear
8/23/2019 Order Appointing Counsel
8/26/2019 Letter Representation
8/26/2019 Motion Pretrial Discovery
8/26/2019 Notice Advise Appeal Rights
9/27/2019 Hearing Trial Readiness
9/30/2019 Order Appear

Q4 2019

Date Filing Information/Documents
11/6/2019 Hearing Further Proceedings
11/7/2019 Order Appear
11/20/2019 Call Regular - Cancelled

Q1 2020

Date Filing Information/Documents
1/14/2020 Hearing Further Proceedings
1/29/2020 Call Regular
1/29/2020 Order Postponment
2/12/2020 Hearing Further Proceedings
2/26/2020 Call Regular
2/27/2020 Trial Cancelled[4]
2/28/2020 Order Appear
3/3/2020 Hearing New Dates
3/4/2020 Hearing New Dates
3/4/2020 Order Postponement

Q2 2020

Date Filing Information/Documents
4/28/2020 Hearing Further Proceedings
5/1/2020 Order Appear
5/13/2020 Call Regular - Cancelled for Coronavirus concerns
6/23/2020 Hearing Further Proceedings - Cancelled for Coronavirus Concerns

Q3 2020

Date Filing Information/Documents
7/21/2020 Hearing New Dates
7/24/2020 Order Postponement
9/22/2020 Hearing New Dates
9/24/2020 Order Appear

Q4 2020

Date Filing Information/Documents
10/14/2020 Hearing Substitution of Attorney (breakdown of communications)
10/15/2020 Order Postponement
10/20/2020 Order Substituting Attorney
10/28/2020 Hearing Status Check
10/29/2020 Order Postponement
11/17/2020 Hearing New Dates - Cancelled
12/23/2020 Hearing New Dates

Q1 2021

Date Filing Information/Documents
1/25/2021 Motion Attorney Withdrawal
1/25/2021 Declaration Support of Motion
1/25/2021 Proof Service
1/27/2021 Hearing Substitution of Attorney
1/27/2021 Order Attorney withdrawn
2/17/2021 Hearing New Dates
2/17/2021 Order Appear

Q2 2021

Date Filing Information/Documents
4/14/2021 Hearing New Dates
4/14/2021 Order Postponement
4/23/2021 Return Mail[2]

Q3 2021

Date Filing Information/Documents
6/9/2021 Hearing New Dates
6/9/2021 Order Postponement
7/21/2021 Call Regular
8/10/2021 Call Regular
8/11/2021 Trial Six Person Jury
8/11/2021 Waiver Jury Trial
8/11/2021 Closed
8/12/2021 Order Not Guilty Count 1, Guilty Count 2
8/12/2021 Judgement General
9/16/2021 Notice Non-Compliance
9/21/2021 Exhibit List
  1. FTR Audio is a proprietary software format, and requires the use of free software from For The Record, available here.<
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 In an attempt to mitigate the use of our platform for illegal doxxing, some records may not be made directly available on our site. For more information on HB 3047 and 3273 that are guiding this, please see our ORS 30.835 page.
  3. Document sealed by court policy or order
  4. The docket states the trial was 'held', but this appears to be an error.