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Attempts to mitigate our platform being used for doxxing.

In 2021, the Oregon State Legislature passed House Bills 3047 and 3273, which expanded protections to protect people from having their personal information released on the Internet where it can cause harm to them as well as restrictions on releasing booking photos in most cases by law enforcement. As we strive to produce full and accurate copies of court records, we had to determine how to adjust our work to fall in line with these laws. While we have no interest in doxxing individuals, we fully understand the ability for these records to be able to aid others in illicit purposes, and we want to minimize our risks.

That being said, we have made the following changes from our old records release policy:

  • Recognizance motions will no longer be released on our site for new cases. Those documents are often rife with personal information, and this, combined with a presumption of innocence, make them dangerous documents in the wrong hands.
  • When documents related to stalking or restraining orders are released, we will make a strong effort to go through and obfuscate addresses and phone numbers, especially for the victim, to help protect them from retaliation.
  • Sometimes criminal filings will still have a defendant address, but aside from the recognizance motions, we have no plans at this time to change how we process them. Defendants have the right to request a protective order to seal those records, and absent that we feel it falls within the reading of ORS 30.835 that the disclosure was consented.